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At the Indian Research Academy we are committed to your success in research, career and personal growth by providing world-class training and research consultancy in various fields of knowledge. Our curriculum are designed and taught by international research experts.

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Academic Research

We work with the faculty members and research scholars from colleges and universities to enhance their research profile with quality research. Call us to find out more.

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Development Research

Busy in building society? We are here to support you for your research. Call us to find out about writing proposal, conducting baseline survey, annual reports, impact assessment and much more.


Corporate Research

Want to launch a new product but confused? Call us to find out our highly competitive prices for the extensive market research. We also conduct impact assessment of your ongoing CSR work.



Don’t know how to write a PhD research proposal?

Not clear about the idea of your PhD research?

Don’t know how to apply for your PhD abroad?

Call us and resolve your all dilemmas around PhD.


PhD gives training for research, which not only teaches you the skills required but also opens up your mind to think beyond what is obvious. The learning and exposure during the program expands further if you pursue your degree from abroad. The students who have completed their masters in first class are eligible to apply. However, research publications and great scores are the prerequisites for scholarships.

At the Indian Research Academy we provide support for proposal writing, findings a great university and supervisor as well as other documentation support for the PhD admission. Write to us to know more. Some of the testimonials of our services are as follows:



Free online sessions

We offer free online sessions to address your various research related issues and barriers. Each week we select a different theme for this session. Express your interest to enroll for one of these sessions.


Data collection support

We facilitate both digital and manual data collection for qualitative and quantitative research. We have collaborated with other leading research organizations to provide quality service. Please drop us an email to know more.


Peer review and research guidance

We provide research guidance and peer reviews for your research work at different stages. Please drop us an email to know more.


Editing and proof reading

We also provide research support in the form of proof reading and editing to help you excel in your field. Please drop us an email to know more.


Research Consultancy

We provide research consultancy in the following fields of knowledge.

  • A. Natural hazards
  • B. Disasters
  • C. Climate change
  • D. Sustainability
  • E. Cities or urban planning
  • F. Solar Energy

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